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We live in a digital world where brands can only connect through two of our senses: seeing and hearing.

Most brands have put in the research and effort into the visuals of their identity, but sound branding requires the same forethought and planning. Why?


The popularity of audio streaming services, audio-only social networks and affordable high-quality smart speakers have become essential in the way we consume media. Our engagement with brands will keep changing as AR/VR technologies and new user experiences, such as the metaverse and other web3 applications, become part in our lives. This has led to new sound-based consumer interactions and therefore new opportunities for getting heard and greater risks of causing noise pollution. Just as visual logos, fonts and colors build brand recognition across different media, so do coherent sound branding elements.


Our creative team creates benchmark cases and delivers award-winning work for some of the most influential brands in the world. We create sound branding assets as part of a multi-sensory brand communication and a holistic brand design.

By translating brand core values, culture and vision into carefully designed sound and music experiences we create tailor-made audio identities that evoke emotions, build brand recognition at all audible touchpoints and encourage consumer engagement.

But sound branding goes way beyond the art of creating a jingle, logo, brand song or any other audio asset. As consultants we focus on the long term, by creating memorable sound branding strategies that are future focused. We provide the strategic guidance to implement these consistently and adapt them to all brand touchpoints.


Want to hear more? We’d love to hear from you too. Just say hola!


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